Accessories - Lan surge protector for IP camera

Lan surge protector for IP camera
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Accessories - Lan surge protector for IP camera

Technical specification of MB Vision LAN Surge which is Lan surge protector for IP camera from category Accessories

Surge protector for computer networks LAN (1O/100 Base). Possibility of multiplication and protection of several ports with one connection to grounding. Shielded RJ-45 jacks. Compact and easy to use.
Portable LAN surge protector for laptops, desktops, servers, routers and all network devices with a RJ45 connection port.
-SPD class                                                           Type 3
-Max. continuous operating voltage (d.c.) Uc           5.8 V
-Nominal discharge current(8/20 μs)line-line In        50 A
-Nominal discharge current(8/20 μs)line-PE In       ~200 A
-Nominal discharge current(8/20 μs)shield-PE In       5 kA
-Voltage protection level line-line Up                      <15 V
-Voltage protection level line-PE Up                        <650 V
-Voltage protection level shield-PE                          Up<850V(for 1kV/µs)
-Data Rate                                                           100 Mb/s
-Connectors                                                          RJ45 shielded socket/RJ45 shielded socket
-Data line protected                                               Pin 1/2, 3/6
-Test standards                                                     IEC 61643-21
-Degree of protection                                             IP 20
-Part No.                                                              130 203
-Dimension / tare weight                                        85x62x26mm/0.115kg
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