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In this category of ready, promotional kits for video surveillance, you  will find a variety of ready-made (DIY cctv kits) systems. The idea of these DIY CCTV packages is to enable you, our customers,topurchase pre-assembled video surveillance system, whose basic ideas are:

1. Accessible lower price of the set cameras - trying to offer lower price of finished kits, and thus make them more affordable for majority of our customers

2. Includedkey components for building security system – sets include all major components for construction of video surveillance.Practicallythe amount of the cable and hard drive DVRrecorder (refers to setswith AMD) couldnot bepre-packaged.. The reason for this is that there is no way to know how many meters of cable would be required of each individual client. The lack of a hard drive is similar - we think it is not correct to oblige ourcustomers with the size ofa hard drive, that they will buy.

We can point out for easethat in 500GB capacity hard drive and a video surveillance system from 4 cameras, the indicative time records (archives) wouldbe about 17-21 days of analog systems and 2-3 days of HD and Full HD systems *.

* All times are approximate and calculated in recording mode 24/7. The numberscan vary depending on the type of camera modes and dynamics ofobjects,where they are installed.

3. Easy installation –installation of purchased ready kit for video surveillancedoes not require special technical skills or tools. There is no need of cutting, connecting conductors, soldering connectors or crimping. In general, everything is screwed - cameras havekey anchors and screws, connectors are connected in a similar way.

If you have questions or doubt when choosing a ready video surveillance system – don’t hesitate to contact our experts for advice!